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Topheman Bombs is a free HTML5 / Javascript game that takes advantage of the canvas element and the accelerometer (devicemotion/deviceorientation events) on your device.
It's using Ball.js, a game engine I made that handles physics interactions between balls as well as rendering.

  • Tilt your device to manage the blue dot
  • Tap the screen to drop bombs on the enemies (red dots)
  • Grab the green dots to get more bombs

Previous versions

Topheman Bombs has been written in mid 2012. It ran only on Apple devices browsers and I made an Android app with phoneGap to fill the void of the Android browsers at the time.

In 2013, I rewrote my code to make a full HTML5 app with these new features (more on the changelog) :

In 2019, after Apple disabled by default the accelerometer on Safari, I added a check and made a few little updates

More Infos ...

Video demo ...